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Music in Care Homes

  • Residents will have the opportunity to participate in movement to music, this includes dancing with scarves, materials and ribbons to enhance the residents physical wellbeing.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold instruments are provided therefore residents have the opportunity to bang drums, shake maracas and play bells whiles improving coordination and fitness levels.
  • The residents also have the opportunity to listen to, play and sing along to music from their younger years that helps them develop a sense of self-identity.
  • The Chime leader performs several live songs throughout the sessions and residents and staff are encouraged to join in and communicate with each other, reinforcing a feeling of being valued.
  • Most importantly Chime offers exciting activities for seniors in care homes¬†that aids in combating loneliness and helps residents relax, chat and enjoy each others company.
Chime Classes at Care Homes
Music Classes with Chime Expressive Arts
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