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Chime Expressive Arts is an entertaining and exciting way of meeting the needs of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence, and, most importantly, children have fun through music, drama and dance.

  • The experienced Chime staff visit your nursery to deliver expressive art sessions for children ages 6 months to 6 years.
  • The sessions can be 20minutes, 30minutes, 45 minutes or an hour long depending on the age group.
  • The Chime staff provide all the high quality, age-specific instruments and props needed for the session – enough for every child. Therefore nursery schools do not need to provide anything!
  • In a typical Chime session children are encouraged to use their voices, bodies, musical instruments and music technology to discover and enjoy playing with sound and rhythm.
  • Babies and children have the opportunity to listen to music of all genres – classical, jazz, pop and country to name a few.
  • Every session involves singing, instrumentation, dancing and drama.
  • The Chime staff understand that all babies and children are different and each individual child is encouraged to progress at their own rate.
  • All Chime Expressive Arts sessions focus on different cultural events such as Diwali, St. Andrews Day and Chinese New Year; but can also be adapted to suit the projects scheduled at the nursery school, providing a fun and exhilarating basis for learning.
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Nursery Classes with Chime
Chime Expressive Arts Nursery class
Chime Expressive Arts Nursery music class

“Chime Expressive Art Class visits our nursery weekly, something our children of all ages love and benefit hugely from. The classes are tailored for all ages and abilities covering cultural and educational topics. The Chime leader encourages body and mind to work together through music and movement allowing children to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.”

Fiona, Manager Heron House Nursery

“Aileen has been bringing her chime class to Nightingales for 7 years now. She is extremely popular with all children bringing lots of energy and fun, there is always a cheer when we say it’s Chime today. Through a variety of musical genres, dance and drama the children excite in exploring their imagination and creativity. Chime has supported many of our children in becoming more confident in expressing their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Many of our families have gone on to hire Aileen for their children’s birthday parties. We highly recommend Aileen and her chime class.”

Vicki, Manager Nightingales Nursery

“Aileen brightens up our day when she arrives at our nursery. The classes are fun, interactive and meets the needs of the Curriculum for Excellence. Our children always leave the Chime classes with a big smile on their faces. Aileen knows every child’s name and ensures all children participate and have fun.”

Manager, Pied Piper Nursery

“Our babies enjoy the Chime class, they communicate this non verbally through facial expressions, gestures, claps and giggles. Throughout the classes the babies tap their legs and rock along to the music showing the class is leaving a positive and fun memory for each of them.”

Paula, Heron House Crookston

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