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All Babies Love Music!

  • Every musical activity has been carefully developed to stimulate babies senses. They have the opportunity to listen to unique music and play unusual instruments, cuddle soft toys, watch bouncing balls and pop floating bubbles!
  • All sessions involve age specific musical instruments such as bells, maracas and drums.
  • Babies get to enjoy playing with various sensory props such as puppets, beanbags, feathers and balls.
  • Babies have the opportunity to dance and sway along to music, helping them build motor skills and express themselves.
  • As well as singing familiar songs and nursery rhymes, babies will get to enjoy various genres of music such as classical, jazz, pop and country.
  • Every Chime session is structured to encourage babies to develop their social and language skills as exposing children to music at an early age helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words.
  • Babies get to practice every day skills such as sharing, taking turns and working together.
  • Participating in Chime music class helps babies focus and control their bodies and is great for individuality, confidence and self esteem.
Chime Expressive Arts is an entertaining and exciting way of meeting the needs of the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence, and, most importantly, children have fun through music, drama and dance.
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For any enquiries please feel free to call Aileen on 07528 164956 or contact Aileen by email at aileen@chimechildren.co.uk

Chime Expressive Arts under 2's class
Chime Expressive Arts under 2's music classes
Chime Expressive Arts Under 2's music

“Our babies enjoy the Chime class, they communicate this non verbally through facial expressions, gestures, claps and giggles. Throughout the classes the babies tap their legs and rock along to the music showing the class is leaving a positive and fun memory for each of them.”

Paula, Heron House Crookston

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